Lifestyle Junkee's Vision

Lifestyle Junkee's Vision

Hello Beauties!!!

I wanted to create a post about my vision as the owner and founder of Lifestyle Junkee, LLC.  As a society we have come to live in such an impersonal world.  Large corporations and international suppliers monopolize our markets delivering fast service; but at what expense?  Are we happy with our purchases?  Are we happy with the way we are being treated as consumers?  I have left many experiences as a customer unhappy and astonished with the way I have been treated.  Do those working in customer service have no obligation to the way they treat their customers?  Understandable reasoning however when you realize this person has no obligation to the consumer.  They are merely a product of their environment; living on an hourly wage completing their daily tasks before clocking out for the day.  This is not their life or their investment.  This is their job; and if it doesn't work out they can always get another one.  But this is not everybody's reality.

I have invested many years getting Lifestyle Junkee to where it is now; and I do not even consider myself half way there yet.  I have a vision to create a valuable experience for women.  Whether it be a look for everyday purpose, an escape from reality or a community of women to relate to.  Women do not support other women as much as we should.  We often criticize ourselves too much and equally judge others the same.  But at the end of the day, we are all beautiful women; we need to stick together and support each other.  Which was my motivation for Lifestyle Junkee; this is our lifestyle.  

I have launched the online store in the summer of 2016 and I am preparing for a storefront location in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood soon.  As a licensed cosmetologist and massage therapist, I am working on developing a team of women to serve the chicago area women with beauty and relaxation services in the comfort of work or home.  Express beauty services such as make-up application, facial waxing and hair styling will be available at our Wicker Park location upon opening.

Nothing should stop a woman from embracing her beauty.  As a young single mother I had many ups and downs in my life and I am still on the roller coaster.  Most days I do not have the time to apply make-up before I have to be out the door.  I pack it along with me in hopes I will be able to apply my products later in the day, but the time rarely comes.  And as a single mother, the world has not been to kind to me in carting my daughter along.  I have been asked to leave many establishments and return without my child whether it be a boutique or a beaty service establishment.  Finding the time for me is hard enough without the extra beat down.  I want Lifestyle Junkee to be that hero for that mother.  You can still shop, you can still get a massage, you can still get an airbrush tan, you can still do things for you!  We bring services to you and in the event you are shopping at our store, we will have treats and games to occupy your child while you shop.  You will never be judged for wanting to partake in some of the best parts of being a woman!

Another struggle I have always dealt with is my perception of myself. I struggle to find outfits for my body type in a world where many fashion designers are men and suppliers are multi million dollar corporations.  The thing is that women have many different body types and we are all beautiful.  I want to be the one to help women find the outfit they want.  Whether it was seen on a celebrity or they can't find their size at other stores.  Reach out to me and I will do everything I can to special order your desired piece in your size at no extra cost!

I want to change the way women shop and the way they feel about shopping.